Saturday, October 16, 2010

its been so long...

hurmmmm.... lamenyer tgl umah nie...smpi dh berhabuk+semak samun....
ekceli malasss...pastu xdak masa nk mengarang...pastu kalo time ader mood, tetibe ader plak keje..mmg pastu terbengkalai laaa umah nie...

haihhh....byk mende nk hapdet... tp nnt laa eh... aku skrg jiwa kacau... sgttttt kacau! arghhhhh.... byk mende nk kene pk neh... berharap thn dpn will be a better year!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Pegi Tak Kembali.... Al-Fatihah buat arwah Papa & arwah Din Beramboi...

Al-Fatihah utk arwah papa dan juga arwah Din Beramboi yg baru saja meninggalkan kita buat selama-lamanya.... Arwah meninggalkan kita pd hari Jumaat yg mulia... hari yg baik...

Harini, genap 15hari papa kembali ke rahmatullah.... Terasa mcm br skjp td nmpk arwah papa di mana2...
Masih terbayang arwah senyum ketika di hospital dulu... Dlm keadaan yg sgt menyedihkan bersama wayar2 yg berselirat di badan, arwah papa masih mampu tersenyum memandang anak2 yg dtg melawat....

Masa tu, apa saja yg arwah mau, kami adik beradik akan cube dapatkan... Sblm arwah pergi, kakak ckp arwah suke sgt2 mkn tomyam... yg sblm2 nie, x pernah plak arwah addicted.... tp 2mggu terakhir, arwah slalu mintak nk mkn tomyam... arwah juga byk melawak dlm2 keadaan sakit tu... tp yg plg x dpt dilupakan, pesanan terakhir arwah pd saya.... Bile teringat, saya akan menangis... Andai saya dpt undurkan masa, andai saya tau papa akan pergi, mcm2 yg saya akan lakukan utk papa.... Astaghafirullahalazim....

Smpi skrg kdg2 saya masih tak percaya arwah papa tlh tiada.... Mcm br smlm tgk arwah kt ICU...terbaring kaku... Papa, i miss u soo much! :(

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Women, no matter what type, have a tendency to unintentionally push a man's buttons in the beginning of a relationship. This usually leads to the "Where did I go wrong?", and by this time, he's most likely to avoid any questions you insist on asking him about it. There are ways to avoid this, and there are ways to get your questions answered without having him realize he's opening up. Which is a subject in itself. I am going to keep this as short, and sweet as possible.

These are 10 mistakes women tend to make with their beaus in the beginning, or start of a relationship, that usually get the break-up ball rolling. These are in no particular order, as they can vary in damage from each man. Just try to make a little note of them, and if you catch yourself in the process of making one, step back and ask yourself if you might regret your actions later on.

1. Ladies, men generally know it is their "responsibility" to make the phone calls. Unless they are extremely insecure, in which case why would you bother anyway, they will call you if they want to talk to you. They will also return your calls to them, if they want to talk to you. Trust in this, if he is into you, he WILL call. If he doesn't, then be over it. You will only annoy him, and there is no turning back from being annoying. This has never failed, and it never will. I know it's hard to fight the urge, but this is worth it in the end.

2. I know it's tempting when your snuggled close together to want to talk about your relationship, and find out where you stand in all this madness. First off, men are more action oriented when it comes to love, the fact he is snuggling with you is his way of showing you he cares about you. Don't ruin it by trying to analyze things. You'll find him scooting over and bringing that arm back from around your shoulders real quick. Talking about feelings makes it all too much a reality for a man, and he will close up. You might find a sensitive one here and there, but better safe than sorry.

3. Stop asking questions about his past girlfriends. A question or two about why they broke up is fine, you have a right to know if she tried to kill him. But, too many questions about them can lead to all sorts of problems, that is including a reconciliation. You get him thinking about those good old days, and she might be the one he's calling tomorrow.

4. Make it a habit of stepping outside yourself if you find that you have been babbling on and on. Most men will listen for a while, but when you start going into how you like to dress your cat for the fall season, you might want to just show him Fluffy's wardrobe instead of describing it for two hours.

5. Here's an important one, at least in the beginning, don't shed any tears. If you've caught a sad movie, he'll find it endearing, but if your sobbing because he forgot to hold your hand or kiss you goodbye, you are turning him off for sure.

6. This is an oldie, but a goodie. Don't be so available. If you have been out a few times, the next time he asks, say you have plans. He's not going to give up asking you out because you have a life. Also, if he says he is going out with the boys tell him how cute you think it is, and that you hope they tear it up and have a wild time. You will score points with this, and he'll be thinking about you while he's out. I guess you could say you're putting a little reverse psychology at work here, but this is almost always a fail proof tactic.

7. Okay Ladies, let's talk about Hallmark cards, greeting cards, and just about any card you can think of. (Handmade Included) Unless it's a birthday, in which case, you should get something funny and just sign your name, don't give your guy cards with a short novel written in them, or your latest poetry. This is also including those long drawn out letters, and if your far away a letter is okay, but stay away from the hand to hand kind. Every man I know cringes at the thought of these. I know you want to pour your heart out, but it's too much for a man to swallow when your first starting out. If he sends them to you, then you can send them back to him with no worries. But, this is highly unlikely, I'm afraid.

8. Most men know that the "I forgot my (fill in the blank )at your place" trick, is a sham. Unless he's never had any dealings with women, he knows what your trying to do here. If he wants you to leave your things at his place, he'll say " Why don't you just leave that here?" This can really creep some men out. If it really is an accident, they will know you didn't mean it. It's a good idea, though, to check and make sure you have everything to avoid him mistakenly thinking you did it on purpose.

9. Unless he asks you, DON'T show up at his work. This should be pretty self explanatory. It's a bad idea on so many levels.

10. And last but not least, do not bring up marriage, and all your hopes for a huge family. If he asks, trust that he's not looking for all the dreams you had when you were 12 years old about your wedding day, and the gown you designed. Do not talk about what your kids would look like, and how you would raise them together to be good caring citizens. If he initiates this kind of talk, then you can play around with the topic, but keep it a fun conversation, or he will be dreading he ever brought it up. Unless your a mail order bride, and going over your arrangements, this is something you should avoid drumming up a conversation about.

These are 10 mistakes I see over, and over again. They are made in many different ways, but almost always have the same negative result. The most important thing to remember is that men are different, and they just don't move to the same beat as our drum. It's always the best attack to not be like all the other girls who made him uncomfortable, and just let him have a good time. In the beginning, let him hold the keys to all the doors that lead to the "feeling" rooms. He will open them when he's ready, and lock them for good if you constantly knock on them......

Husbands are Husbands....

A man was sitting reading his papers when his wife hit him round the head with a frying pan.
'What was that for?' the man asked.

The wife replied 'That was for the piece of paper with the name Jenny on it that I found in your pants pocket'.

The man then said 'When I was at the races last week Jenny was the name of the horse I bet on'
The wife apologized and went on with the housework.

Three days later the man is watching TV when his wife bashes him on the head with an even bigger frying pan, knocking him unconscious. Upon re-gaining consciousness the man asked why she had hit again.

Wife replied: 'Your Horse phoned!!! '

ps: Morale of the story, dont trust ur husbands too much... hihiiii... No laa..its just a joke! :D

Friday, March 5, 2010

Lempeng kelapa... sobb sobbb

lapar gilerrrrr.... sambil2 bos mitin, kuo kjp gi food court td... order NGK xmo pedas, xmo sayor...heheh... sembang2 ngan macik2 kt situ...skali terpandangkan lempeng kelapa.... rasa nk bergenang air mata.... masa kecik2 sket dulu, papa slalu beli lempeng kelapa nie... cecah sambal bilis or kari ayam.... plus air kopi panas....adussss...syahdunyer... *crying*

papa suka lempeng... papa suka ikan n ayam golek.... papa suka minum kopi... papa suka makan nasi minyak yg mak masak... papa suka bwk kitorg pegi mandi laut ( umah arwah nenek dulu tepi pantai...iskk..isk...), papa slalu tlg urut kaki kalo terseliuh (kecik2 dulu tomboy, slalu men bola sepak ngan abg... caye x???), papa slalu piat tinger sbb gadoh ngan adik (huhuuuu), papa always there when i need him! *tears, dont fall away...* sobbb...sobbb....

masa blaja dulu2, dok hostel... dr form 1 sampai ke degree, x penah dok umah... sampai laa keje skrg pon, blom penah lg dok umah lame2...plg lame pon cuti sem tp kjp jer sbb buat keje part time.... tp nk bgtau nie time form 1-5 dolu2, slalu sgt dpt mimpi2 pelik... org kate kalo mimpi gigi tercabut, ader org2 yg dkt ngan kita akan pegi... haaa... time yg plg xleh lupe mase form 3....

blk kelas tghari tu penat giler... lps dh mandi, makan sumer... terlelap.... zZZZzzZzzzz.... dlm mimpi tu, gigi geraham tercabot... sakit dowhhh.... nangis kuat giler... sedar2 tgk bantal pon basah...sungguh2 nangis... trus turun bwh carik public fon nk tepon papa... sok sek sok sek nangis...mase tu dh kul 7 @ 8pm cenggitu laaa.... nangis yg x hengat punyer! kesiannnn papa... mlm tu jgk dier smpi kt hostel ngan adik... PAPA, JASA & KASIH SYG SEORG AYAH JUGA TIADA TANGINGAN NYA.... :(

papa, semoga cpt sembuh! nnt Ateh blk lg jenguk... Ateh luv u soooooo much! Mucho te quero!

*sambil lap air mata n hingus sbb cema2... :P*

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cupcake ohhh Cupcake!!!

Owhhh yeaa.... kegilaan apakah smlm sanggup mencari cupcake smpi dpt?? i pon x yg i tau, kalo x dpt, mmg boley nangis kempunan...iskkk..mengalah
kan org pegnen neh... tp itulah yg i rase semenjak dua menjak neh... kalo teringin nk mkn sumthin tu, baik pegi carik smpi dpt... kalo x, mmg x senang duduk..tdo pon x kenyang....aik?? tdo kenyang?? heheee... tdo pon x lena daaaaa.... apakah yg jadik kegilaan itu???


nie laaa kegilaan semalam neh... after work, trus shoot pegi The Gardens yg x brape nk gardenlah kt MV tuh... pusing punyer pusing punyer pusing smpi nk tercabot kaki x jmpe2 kedai cupcake... Sakit tau kaki... dh ler jakun giler jarang masuk sane, agak kagum jgk laaa... besar lebey kurang MV tp envi rase cam x happening sgt... org2 tua ramailah..hiksss... pastu dh frust...tgk2 jam br kul 8pm... dr kempunan meleleh ayor liur mlm nnt, adalah baiknyer redah jer ker Pavilion plak..mintak2 ader lg cupcakes nyer...huhuuuu...

8.02pm shoot pegi Pavi plak... seb baik dh x jem kt area bkt bintang nuuuu... Memula igt nk park kt Menara Heck Seng (lufer laaa... tp tmpt keje Shikin kt situ)...skali masuk baru 5hengget x kisah brape jam pon..dgn syarat lps kul 6pm laaa.... tp memikirkan nk kene jalan plak, haishhhh malashnyer...lgpon dh mlm..nnt nk patah balik mcm seram lerr plak sorg2... tpakse laaa park dlm pavi..harapan hati kire jam br 3,4hengget kot??? skali mase nk bayor, humang aihhhhh!!!! terkezut mak noks! tgk kt bwh neh....13 min = RM6 ???? waddaaaaaaa??

lg mahai dr cupcakes mak beli noks!!! tp kerana rasa tekak, mak turutkan jgk...huhuuuu... tp yg penting, bukan takat cupcakes jer mak beli, donut jco skali mak blasah! haaa...hambek kau... pueh ati! hohooo... pastu tetibe rase mcm nk kene kencing manis...hahaaa...yer laaa...x hengat punyer makan mende2 manis smlm..dh ler 4 ketul semuanyer... mmg paras glukometer naik neh kalo gi check kt spital..hikssss...

yang pasti, mak tdo dgn lenanya smlm.... nyummm2...

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2 days before year end...2009

salam... waaaaa, dh nk abis tahun 2009... 1more day to go... iskk..isk... byk kenangan dlm 2009 yg x bley aku lupe... ader manis, masam, pahit, kelat, pilu, gembiraa... sumer ader laaa... kalo nk citer dr A-Z, mmg x abis laaa.... tapi thn 2009 mmg thn yg mencabar... especially kerjaya & cinta...

ermmm.... how time flies so fasttt... sedar x sedar dh end of 2009... byk jgk laaa plan utk 2009 yg tercapai... so yg mane blom tercapai, dh siap sedia nk bring forward to 2010 plak... salah satunyer, nk beli rumah plak... syiok wooo ader umah sendirik.... tp yg plg penting mak aku soh aku kawen dulu...ekekee... xpe mak, dun worry... aku akan bekerja keras carik calon 10 org utk mak pilih jadik menantu kesayangan..bukan menantu hantu! :D

td blk keje truss shoot pegi klcc..layan chipmunk 2... bestttt siotttt! rasenyer dr awal hingga akhir mmg besttt...sedar2 citer nk abiss dh...haihhh...cpt btol abiss, x puas tgk pon lg... adakah akan repeat next year?? we'll see..ngeh3...

blk umah plak lyn mekdi prosperity... haishhh..caner laa x gemok neh... owhh luper.. azam thn dpn, nk kuwuss sket... byk plak lemak2 tepu bertempek kt situ sini..haishhh...buruk nor ropernyer.... tp xpe, yg penting happy!

bln pertama new year, well.... kami akan ke sabah!!!! yeahhhh!!! sabah, here we cumm!!! ooopppssss...silap... HERE WE COME!!!!! hahaaa.... sape penah pegi sabah?? angkat tgn!!! ape yg best kt sane selain snorkel? aaaa...jgn luperletak reminder bwk 2piece..ekekee... (percayalah..aku xde pon set bikini tuh...nmpknyer kene gi carik satu laa..hahaa)

plan lg satu nyer nk bisness online... nk jual ape eh?? mengikut perkiraan, jual org plg cpt kaya..mwahahaa.. kiddin'.... theres a few plan on my mind... so, kene pk betul2 dulu... bajet?? tu lg satu... kene saving laaa sket2... nnt kalo dh okey, bley rolling bisness plak... i loike the idea lah! sambil2 cari extra money...

hurmmm...what else eh?? mane nk sambut thn baru?? owhh...kt kg... nk buat kenduri kesyukuran... pastu mintak tok imam tu mandikan aku..mandi munga...ekekee.. joking... nk buat kenduri kesyukuran kerana masih dipanjangkan umur, dimurahkan rezeki pd thn nie... alhamdulillah... semoga thn2 akan dtg akan lebih baik dr thn2 yg sebelumnyer....

masa utk berubah? hurmm..insyaallah... aku jgk manusia biasa yg perlukan perubahan baik utk diri, keluarga & masyarakat... one fine day insyaallah... semoga Allah sentiasa pelihara aku ke jln yg benar...aminnnnn....

pjg lerr plak bebel nk abih thn nie eh? hikssss... so guys, ape azam thn baru korg plak???

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


It’s easy to confuse between love and infatuation.

Infatuation may seem like love, and it is often intense,
but there are several important differences.

Understanding the diferences between love, lust and
can save you a lot of pain in relationships
and help you to know when it really is love.

Unconditional love is deviation based on commitment
and unselfish concern for one another. It freely accepts
another in loyalty and seeks his or her good.

Love is patient.

Lust is an intense sexual desire or appetite, an
overwhelming desire, as in lust for power. A sexual urge
or physical impulse.

Infatuation is an unrealistic or extravagant love or
admiration appealing to the sense and impulses, sometimes
called lust. Infatuation may be the initial attraction
that will, with time and commitment, grow into a mature
and unconditional love.

“Love waits. Lust wants. Love can’t wait to give what is
true and honorable. Lust can’t wait to take. Love mends.
Lust hurts. Love is secure. Lust is selfish. Lust ends.
Love lasts.”

Monday, December 7, 2009

The 11 worst reasons to get married?

Did you think your marriage would last forever on the day of your wedding? Or were you full of dread and trepidation? Each year, loads of couples walk down the aisle even when they sense their relationship is doomed.

The worst reasons to get married to anyone, ever.

1. Did not want to be single anymore
2. Thought my partner was the best I could do
3. Thought I could change some aspect of my partner
4. Felt family pressure
5. For financial reasons
6. There was an unplanned pregnancy
7. To escape my family
8. Figured I could make it work
9. Partner pressured me
10. Wanted to have children
11. It seemed like the next logical step

Marriage is suppose to be an honorable thing but most people picked some of the reasons above to get married.That is why most marriages end in divorces.People should learn to be honest with themselves and do the right thing.

Happiness in marriage is more than just finding the “right” person. It is a deliberate act of will: noble, selfless, disciplined, and, in the end, blissfully fulfilling, far beyond anything mere romantic dreams of effortless love have promised you.

5 Secrets For a Happy Marriage.

1. Respect
2. Courtesy
3. Unique Individuality
4. Be a Cheerleader
5. To Thy Own Self Be True

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Salam... Hakikat kehidupan, lawannya kematian... Sebagai saudara sesama Islam, jika tidak keberatan, sudilah kawan2 sedekahkanlah Al-Fatihah utk arwah Shurini yg baru sahaja kembali ke rahmatullah petang tadi... Saya sempat melawat arwah sblm arwah menghembuskan nafas terakhir di HKL...

Arwah baru saja melahirkan putri sulung smlm... Akibat jangkitan dr demam denggi, arwah terpaksa dimasukkan ke ICU HKL sehingga saat terakhir.... Saya melihat arwah berusaha berjuang melawan penyakit utk meneruskan hidup baru disamping suami & puteri sulung.... Tetapi Allah lebih sayangkan arwah... Betapa berat mata melihat, berat lagi bahu yg memikul kesedihan ini... Ibu, ayah, suami, saudara mara, sahabat handai semua disisi mendoakan kesejahteraan tetapi takdir sudah menetapkan sehingga hari ini sahaja....

Suasana pilu menyelubungi ruang ICU HKL..... Apa yg terdaya hanyalah memanjatkan doa semoga arwah ditempatkan dikalangan org2 yg syahid dan beriman... Semoga puteri arwah dipanjangkan umur dan dielakkan dr sebarang penyakit...Insyaallah....

Sekadar ingatan utk yg masih bernyawa, sentiasalah muhasabah diri... Sebelum tidur, ampunkanlah segala kesalahan2 yg pernah dilakukan terhadap kita...Halalkan makan minum.... Terbit keinsafan dihati saya melihat kekuasaan Allah s.w.t.... Apa yang saya harapkan, semoga saya akan sentiasa berusaha menjadi seorang yg lebih baik dan sentiasa mengingati hakikat kematian... Kita tidak tahu bila dan dimana kita akan dipanggil mengadap-Nya tetapi sentiasa bersiap sedialah...

Buat arwah, saya doakan arwah ditempatkan dikalangan org2 yg beriman... Semoga keluarga arwah tabah menghadapi dugaan dari-Nya... Di sebalik kegembiraan bakal2 pengantin (musim org kawin nie), ingatlah pd yg telah tiada... Berhati2 dan berdoalah semoga dipanjangkan umur, dipermudahkan segala urusan dan mohonlah kepada Yg Maha Esa....

Al-Fatihah... Aminnnnn.... Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas arwah....

Nota kaki: Bagi pihak arwah, jika arwah ada salah silap pd sesiapa, maafkanlah... Halalkan makan minum juga... Semoga arwah tenang disana... :(