Monday, December 7, 2009

The 11 worst reasons to get married?

Did you think your marriage would last forever on the day of your wedding? Or were you full of dread and trepidation? Each year, loads of couples walk down the aisle even when they sense their relationship is doomed.

The worst reasons to get married to anyone, ever.

1. Did not want to be single anymore
2. Thought my partner was the best I could do
3. Thought I could change some aspect of my partner
4. Felt family pressure
5. For financial reasons
6. There was an unplanned pregnancy
7. To escape my family
8. Figured I could make it work
9. Partner pressured me
10. Wanted to have children
11. It seemed like the next logical step

Marriage is suppose to be an honorable thing but most people picked some of the reasons above to get married.That is why most marriages end in divorces.People should learn to be honest with themselves and do the right thing.

Happiness in marriage is more than just finding the “right” person. It is a deliberate act of will: noble, selfless, disciplined, and, in the end, blissfully fulfilling, far beyond anything mere romantic dreams of effortless love have promised you.

5 Secrets For a Happy Marriage.

1. Respect
2. Courtesy
3. Unique Individuality
4. Be a Cheerleader
5. To Thy Own Self Be True

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